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Amma idli/dosa batter 800g

“Enjoy Authentic South Indian Flavors with Amma Idli/Dosa Batter 800g: A Taste of Tradition in Every Bite! Our Amma Idli/Dosa

Amul malai paneer 200g

“Savor the Richness of Amul Malai Paneer 200g: Authentic Taste, Unmatched Quality! Amul Malai Paneer is a premium dairy product

Asal malabar parota 5 piece

“Delight in Authentic Flavors with Asal Malabar Parota 5 Pieces: Taste the Essence of South Indian Cuisine! Asal Malabar Parota

Asal wheat chapati 200g

“Experience Wholesome Goodness with Asal Wheat Chapati 200g: Authentic Taste, Pure Nutrition! Asal Wheat Chapati is a true embodiment of


“Elevate Your Recipes with Farm-Fresh Eggs: Nature’s Protein Powerhouse! Our farm-fresh eggs are sourced from trusted local producers, ensuring quality

Everyday dairy whitener

“Enhance Your Daily Cup with Everyday Dairy Whitener: Creamy Goodness in Every Sip! Our Everyday Dairy Whitener is the perfect

everyday dairy whitener 400g

“Enjoy Creamy Delight with Everyday Dairy Whitener 400g: Your Perfect Cup, Every Time! Our Everyday Dairy Whitener is the ultimate

Heritage curd 425g

“Experience Traditional Goodness with Heritage Curd 425g: A Taste of Home! Our Heritage Curd is a time-honored recipe crafted with

Milky mist butter chiplet 100g

Milky Mist Butter Chiplet 100g: Indulge in Creamy, Rich Flavor! Our Milky Mist Butter Chiplet is a delightful treat for

Milky Mist Butter Unsalted 200g

“Discover Creamy Delight with Milky Mist Unsalted Butter 200g: Pure Indulgence in Every Slice! Our Milky Mist Unsalted Butter, now

Milky mist cheddar cheese

Milky Mist Cheddar Cheese: Elevate Your Culinary Creations! Our Milky Mist Cheddar Cheese is a premium cheese crafted to perfection,

Milky mist cheese block 200g

“Experience Creamy Perfection with Milky Mist Cheese Block 200g: Your Culinary Canvas Awaits! Our Milky Mist Cheese Block, now available